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Joey Weisenberg & the Hadar Ensemble

A multi-instrumental musician, singer, and composer, Joey Weisenberg has taught and led prayer at Hadar for more than a decade. He is the founder of Hadar’s Rising Song Institute, which aims to cultivate the grassroots musical-spiritual creativity of the Jewish people. Joey works to educate and train communities around the world to unlock their musical-spiritual potential and make music a vibrant, joy-filled force in Jewish life, in part through his online master classes in Jewish song and prayer. He also composes new nigunim that have moved and inspired Jews around the world. His eighth album, L’eila, was released by the Rising Song Records in 2022.

Watch Joey and the Hadar Ensemble!

"Lincoln's Nigun"
"Shokhein Ad"
"Shir Hama'alot"
"Bina's Nigun"

See more videos on Joey's YouTube Page 


Shalom Hartman Institute's Identity/Crisis Podcast

Where does song end and prayer begin? Joey Weisenberg, founder and director of Hadar’s Rising Song Institute and author of The Torah of Music and Building Singing Communities joins Yehuda Kurtzer on the Shalom Hartman Institute's Identity/Crisis Podcast, to discuss the spiritual role of music in Jewish communal life, what creating has been like in a time of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to share some music that will uplift and inspire you.

Please see the Hartman website for more information:

Wed, April 24 2024 16 Nisan 5784