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High Holy Day Registration Start Page

Please read all the information in the letter below before proceeding via the following links.

MEMBERS OF BETH SHOLOM - click here to purchase seats for the High Holy Days (note that you will be required to LOG IN in order to access the form and member pricing).

NON-MEMBERS - click here to purchase seats for the High Holy Days

Additional Registrations:
Annual Appeal Donation form - click here
Lulav and Etrog Registration form - click here (members only - deadline 9/12 evening)

Dear Congregants,

While most of you are planning your summer vacations, the arrangements for the High Holy Days have been proceeding in earnest. The High Holy Days are on the following dates:

     Rosh HaShanah
          Sunday evening - September 9, 2018
          Monday - September 10, 2018
          Tuesday -September 11, 2018

     Yom Kippur
          Tuesday evening – September 18, 2018
          Wednesday – September 19, 2018

We want to provide you information about our High Holy Day services, as there have been some innovative and exciting options put in place this year, as follows:

The first day of Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur will remain the same as they have been in prior years with reserved seating in each of the three services; in the Albert M. Shulman Auditorium, in the Lewis Family Sanctuary, and Minyan Koleinu in the Curtis Hereld Room. Rabbi Joel Pitkowsky will conduct services in the Lewis Family Sanctuary and Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz will conduct services in the Shulman Auditorium. Minyan Koleinu will be conducted by lay leadership: Benjamin Mann and Zoe Grossman - Rosh HaShanah; Debbi Bohnen - Kol Nidrei; Adam Wall - YK Musaf and Uri Sobel - Neilah.

On the second day of Rosh HaShanah, we will be experimenting with a different model.  Accordingly, there will only be two (rather than the customary three) services.  The Auditorium sevice will be conducted in the same way that the Sanctuary and Auditorium services are usually run on the HHD, and Minyan Koleinu will meet in the Sanctuary instead of in the Curtis Hereld Room.  There will be OPEN seating (i.e. no assigned or reserved seats) in both services, and members can attend either service (or sample both!).  In addition, we are finalizing plans for a special alternative HHD-themed study program in the Curtis Hereld Room (which will create a third option).

All services will be conducted according to the guidelines set forth by Rabbi Pitkowsky and the Ritual Committee. Whichever location you select, you are certain to find the services meaningful and dignified.

If you have any questions about Minyan Koleinu, please direct them to All other questions about High Holy Day seats should be directed to Marian Kugelmass -

In order to improve parking for our handicapped members, the entire parking lot and the spaces on Rugby Road will be reserved for those who have Handicapped Hang Tags or Handicapped License plates. Please indicate your need for reserved parking on the Ticket Order Form or when requesting tickets on line. Please be sure to include your license plate number.

You can help the committee by completing the forms on line by the July 16, 2018 early bird deadline. If you wish to retain the same seats as last year for Rosh HaShanah day 1 and Yom Kippur, your ticket request must be completed by the early bird deadline.  Please keep in mind that after that date, your seats may be assigned to others.

Please make some very important decisions when requesting your tickets:

  • Will you be using your seats for both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur? If not, please indicate which days you and your family will be at services, so other families attending on the other days can use the seats (see reservation form). If you are not using your seats for certain days, please DO NOT promise the seats to other people. The Ticket Committee may use your seats to meet the needs of other congregants. With your help, we should be able to accommodate the needs of the congregation.

  • If you are requesting seating in the Lewis Family Sanctuary, please note that there is limited seating. If your request is received by July 16, 2018 and you were seated in the Lewis Family Sanctuary last year, your request will be honored as noted above. If the requests exceed the number of available seats, a waiting list will be compiled in the order in which the reservations are received.

  • If you are requesting seating in the Curtis Hereld Room (Minyan Koleinu), please note that there is limited seating. Requests will be filled in the order that they are received. If the requests exceed the capacity of the room, a waiting list will be compiled in the order in which the reservations are received.

  • To order tickets:

    ​​​1. You must have NO outstanding financial obligations to the synagogue. You must be either paid up or have arranged for recurring electronic payments in order to process your ticket order form. If you do have an outstanding balance, you may pay it and order your tickets at the same time.

    2. Please note that Beth Sholom must pay the 1.89% + 12 cent transaction fee per online payment. We ask that you consider continuing to cover this processing fee when using the credit card or e-check option, as most members already do. Paying this additional fee is transaction fee is a tax-deductible donation anyway!

    3. The price of a ticket is $155 for Members and Associate Members, and $375 for Non-Members.

    4. The early-bird price of a ticket is $125 for Members only, and it must be completed by July 16, 2018.  Associate members and Non-Members do not have an early bird pricing option.

If you have any questions about your ticket request or Yiskor Book form, please contact Marian Kugelmass ( or call the synagogue office.


Ticket Committee 2018

Wed, April 24 2019 19 Nisan 5779