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Congregational Melodies

  High Holy Days  

1. Page numbers referenced below are from Mahzor Lev Shalem for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
2. Items marked with a (c) are used in the clergy-led services, items marked with a (k) are used in the lay-led services, and items marked with both, well... you get the idea.
3. Some melodies are used in multiple parts of the service or on both RH and YK.  We include the audio clip multiple times, but we note that they are repeats.

Rosh Hashana Morning / Musaf

Yihyu L'ratzon* - p139 (c)(k)
K'vakarat Ro'eh Edro - p143 (k)
Ki Chishimcha (Acheinu) - p144 (k)
Ein Kitzba^ - p144 (k)
Chamol Al Ma'asecha - p146 (k)
V'chol Ma'aminim (Carlebach) - p146 (k)
V'chol Ma'aminim (Goldfarb) - p146 (c)
V'chol Ma'aminim (NEW) - p146 (c)(k)
Simcha L'artzecha - p149 (k)
V'ye'etayu** - p150 (c)(k)
Galeh - p151 (k)
Shehu Noteh Shamayim - p154 (k)
Elul Niggun (Eitan Katz) (k)
Hayom Harat Olam - pp158, 162, 166 (k)
Haven Yakir Li 1 - p161 (k)
Haven Yakir Li 2 - p161 (c)(k)
B'Sefer Chayim - p169 (k)
Hayom - p170 (c)
Adon Olam (Sulzer) - p175 (c)(k)


Yom Kippur Evening / Kol Nidre

Or Zarua - p204 (k)
Haneshama Lach - p225 (c)
Thirteen Midot - p226 (k)
S'lach Lanu - p226 (c)(k)
Al Tashlicheinu - p233 (k)
Hu Ya'aneinu (v'Hi She'amdah - Yonatan Razel) - p240 (c)(k)
Avinu Malkeinu* - p244 (c)(k)
Achat Sha'alti* - p248 (c)


Yom Kippur Morning / Yizkor

Psalm 23 (Gerald Cohen) - p293 (c)
Gam Ki Eilech from Psalm 23 - p293 (k)


Yom Kippur Morning / Musaf

Yihyu L'ratzon* - p311 (c)(k) - also in RH Musaf
Ma'aseh Eloheinu - not in Lev Shalem (k)
K'vakarat Ro'eh Edro - p315 (k) - also in RH Musaf
Ki Chishimcha (Acheinu) - p316 (k) - also in RH Musaf
Ein Kitzba^ - p316 (k) - also in RH Musaf
Chamol Al Ma'asecha - p318 (k) - also in RH Musaf
V'chol Ma'aminim (Ani Ma'amin) - p319 (k)
V'chol Ma'aminim (Goldfarb) - p319 (c) - also in RH Musaf
V'chol Ma'aminim (NEW) - p146 (c)(k) - also in RH Musaf
Simcha L'artzecha - p321 (k) - also in RH Musaf
V'ye'etayu** - p322 (c)(k) - also in RH Musaf
Galeh - p323 (k) - also in RH Musaf
Shehu Noteh Shamayim - p325 (k) - also in RH Musaf
Mar'eh Kohen** - not in Lev Shalem (c)(k)
Geller Niggun - used during Eileh Ezkerah p337 (k)
Vahaviotim - p345 (k)
Al Tashlicheinu - p346 - also in Kol Nidre(k)
B'sefer Chayim - p357 (k) - also in RH Musaf & YK Ne'ilah
Hayom^^ - p358 (k)
Hayom - p358 (c) - also in RH Musaf


Yom Kippur / Ne'ilah

Thirteen Midot - p415 (k) - also in Kol Nidre
B'sefer Chayim - p424 (k) - also in RH & YK Musaf
Avinu Malkeinu* - p426 (c)(k) - also in Kol Nidre


* from the CD "T'filateinu - Songs and Reflections for the High Holy Days", Ronit Wolff Hanan vocals, Joyce Rosenzweig piano / arrangements.

** from the CD "Pri Eitz Hadar" - produced under the direction of Rabbi Julia Andelman for Kehilat Hadar in NYC

^ from the CD "Hashkifa", by Kol Achai

^^ melody written by Rabbi Julia Andelman

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