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 Fund Descriptions

CBS General Fund and Temporarily Restricted Funds and Their Intent

General Donations

Funds are non-targeted and support general operations.

Adult Education Fund

Funds are used for providing speakers and materials for adult education.

Alfred and Rose Buchman Fine Arts

Provides for annual lectures by or on Jewish artists and Jewish influence on the arts.

Ayin L'Tzion  

Provides funding for Israeli Day Activities and JNF donated trees in honor of Bar/Bat Mitzvah children.


Provides funding for activities for our Hazak members.

Hesed Provides support for families who are either in the midst of lifecycle events (birth, death) or a health problem. Support is primarily in the form of meals, help childcare, etc.


An annual campaign initiative that may be contributed to at any time.  Established in 2009 during a severe economic recession, it provides funding to families needing additional financial resources for either Jewish Education or Jewish Summer experiences.  Available for children from 1st grade through senior year of high school.  Funds are allocated by a committee reviewing a blinded summary of applicant information.  

Klingenstein Children's Education  

Established by one of the former gabbai's of Congregation Beth Israel and his wife, this fund is to be used primarily for Children's Education Funding.


Funds are used for non-sponsored kiddushes.  The Kiddush Guild is people who have made a one time donation for that calendar year of $180 towards kiddush.  Birthday and anniversary email solicitations are sent to help  raise money for this fund.   Kiddush is where our various services join together and linger, helping our sense of community grow.  


Funds are used to buy books and maintain our system which is accessible remotely.

M & M 

Morgenstern and Melamed Family Fund was also founded by Congregation Beth Israel Congregants to provide one program per year near Yom Hashoah and related to the Holocaust.

Marcia Biloon

 Donations made in memory of Marcia.  Use to be determined


Funds help offset expenses for Tzipporei Shalom including transportation, music, recordings, etc.

Prayer Book

Donations to this help maintain our inventory of prayer books ensuring their overall good condition.

Rabbi's Discretionary

A very important fund, this fund provides relief funds to those in our immediate community or larger Jewish community needing aid.  It is at the Rabbi's discretion where the funding goes.  Fees paid to the Rabbi by members for funeral or wedding services go to this fund.

Rabbi Schaeffer

Original donations in memory of Rabbi Schaeffer, founding rabbi of CBS. Continuing donations to support the Rabbi Barry Schaffer Memorial Scholar-in-Residence Fund - Adult Education

Ruth Miller Memorial

Original funds were donated following her death.  Funds were used to purchase bookcases and books that are in the Beit Midrash.

Social Action/Tikkun Olam

Funds are donated to aid in providing food or purchasing trees in Israel.  Sometimes when a family is given assistance in times of need, they make a donation to "pay it forward".


Funds help keep the Torahs Kosher with appropriate covers, etc.


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