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A Word About Minyan

Congregation Beth Sholom holds morning and evening minyan every day.  The general schedule (see our shul calendar for actual times, as weekday minyan times may vary on special Torah reading days / days with Hallel, etc) is as follows:

Sunday: Shacharit 9:00am   Ma'ariv 8:00pm
Monday: Shacharit 8:10am   Ma'ariv 8:00pm
Tuesday: Shacharit 7:00am   Ma'ariv 8:00pm
Wednesday: Shacharit 8:15am   Ma'ariv 8:00pm
Thursday: Shacharit 8:10am   Ma'ariv 8:00pm
Friday: Shacharit 8:15am Mincha time varies & Ma'ariv follows
Saturday: Shacharit 9:00am Mincha 12:30 pm

Ma'ariv time varies


Please join us for minyan!

Please consider signing up below so that we can be sure to have a minyan!



Weekly Minyan Sign-Up

If you can commit to helping make a minyan every week on a specific day, that would be great.  You can sign up for that option by clicking here.


WhatsApp Minyan Notification

At time we need a little help to fill a minyan. To receive notifications of when we need another adult,  please join our WhatsApp list by following the instructions below on your smartphone. We will only use the service if we are in need of a minyan.

Download the app WhatsApp on your smartphone (see for more info).
Sign up for an account (it’s free).

Go into “Settings”, and then the sub-menu “Notifications”, and make sure that “message notifications” and “group notifications” are on.

Email with your cell phone number (the one you associated with your WhatsApp account) and the subject line “join minyan list”, and the office will get in touch with the current group administrators to add you to the list.

Sun, August 18 2019 17 Av 5779