Children’s Programming

So the saying goes … “the children are our future.” Congregation Beth Sholom believes in the power of this statements and devotes countless resources to making the synagogue a welcoming, friendly, and nurturing environment for children (and their families, too).

That’s why each Shabbat and most Jewish holidays, the lower level of our building turns into a Children’s community, with four different Junior Congregation services offered, all designed to enhance their love of community and love of Judaism. Each service is led by teen members of the synagogue or Jewish educators to help make the experience positive and nurturing. The service options include:

  • Minyan Katan: For young children accompanied by a parent
  • Minyan Shalom: For pre-K and Kindergarten children
  • Minyan Gesher: For children in grades 1-3
  • Jr. Congregation: For children in grades 4-6

In addition, there are four to five synagogue-wide children/family programs offered to coincide with different holidays and important times on the Jewish calendar. The services and programs are coordinated by volunteers from the congregation.

Congregation Beth Sholom is also proud to have its own award-winning children’s chorus, Tzipporei Shalom, conducted by Adina Avery-Grossman and Ronit Wolff Hanan. From its humble beginnings over 14 years ago, the choir has grown to almost forty children in first to sixth grades, who have mastered a diverse repertoire of music in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, Zulu and more. They have been the featured vocal group at the annual Israel Folk Dance Festival, performed together with singer/songwriter Debbie Friedman (z”l) in a special tribute concert to Debbie and her music, and joined Zalmen Mlotek, Neil Sedaka and a choir 200 strong on the stage of Carnegie Hall.

The choir meets on Shabbat mornings from 10 to 10:30 a.m. (before children’s services begin), and periodically performs at the synagogue for Shabbatot and various special functions, including the annual Shabbaton.