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Our community is diverse in its interests and passions.  There is a way for everybody to join our community, whether it be through Sisterhood Pilates, Hazak Tuesday Shmoozeday, singing in one of our choirs, or providing meals at a shelter with other CBS members. Come explore our community.

Zionism and a love of Israel are at the heart of Beth Sholom throughout the year. Our ongoing Israel Israeli-Flag-flying3programming includes our Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut commemorations, an Israeli movie series, classes on Zionism and Israeli culture, guest speakers from The Hartman Institute and the Masorti Movement, and a congregational study-tour to Israel. Our b’nei/b’not-Mitzvah receive a certificate for trees planted in their honor by the congregation, as a demonstration of the centrality of Israel in our lives. To promote religious pluralism in Israel, we highlight our support of our sister movement – The Masorti Movement in Israel.

Our youth are an integral part of our synagogue life. Between the numerous services for various age groups on Saturday mornings, our youth choir, Tzipporei Shalom co-led by our Musical Director, Cantor Ronit Wolff Hanan and member Adina Avery-Grossman, and our very active USY and Kadima groups, there is rarely a day that goes by without some activity for some of our youngest members.

College years see Chanukah and Purim packages eagerly awaited by our scholars. Rabbi Pitkowsky keeps in touch with the college attendees and has an annual get together at his house the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. Please fill out the linked form with your (or your offspring’s) college address to ensure they will be receiving holiday packages.

Our youth can be involved in one of two choirs, both led by our Musical Director. Please see Choirs tab above for more information.

There are a total of four services for youth each Shabbat led by a combination of volunteers and professionals. Please click here for additional information on the Youth and Children Minyanim.

We are fortunate to have two very active youth groups associated with United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism housed in our facility. Please click here for more information or  e-mail Sara Loffman, Director of Youth Engagement, at

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Our rotating Chavurah is another gem in our community.  Composed of young families and couples, the group meets once a month for a Shabbat meal at individual homes.  The groups are made up of about eight to ten families to facilitate getting to know each other and the membership is switched around every month to encourage more building of community.


Tzipporei Shalom is the award-winning children’s chorus of Congregation Beth Sholom, conducted by Adina Avery-Grossman and Cantor Ronit Wolff Hanan. The choir has grown tremendously from its humble beginnings in 1998 (when the choir consisted of six children, 4 of whom were the directors’ own!), and now boasts between 20 and 30 singers every year. TS logo updatedTzipporei Shalom meets on Shabbat mornings before children’s services. In addition to mastering a diverse repertoire of music in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, Zulu and more, the children also learn the basics of music theory and choral singing, and explore the languages and cultures of Jews around the world as they learn their music. Tzipporei Shalom performs periodically for the congregation and at community events, and they have been the featured vocal group at the annual Israel Folk Dance Festival. In 2004, Tzipporei Shalom joined Zalmen Mlotek, Neil Sedaka and a choir 200 strong on the stage of Carnegie Hall, and in 2005 they performed together with singer/songwriter Debbie Friedman (z”l) in a special tribute concert to Debbie and her music. Click here for the latest Tzipporei Shalom recording. For more information on the choir, contact Cantor Hanan at
TAVIM (Hebrew for musical notes) is Congregation Beth Sholom’s Jewish a cappella group, founded in 1993 by members of the congregation who love to sing and who enjoy creating and presenting Jewish music. TAVIM’s eclectic repertoire includes works with traditional, modern, Tavim-logopop and gospel flavors, sung in Hebrew, English, Yiddish and Ladino. TAVIM’s first recording, Ahhh… Cappella, was completed in 1997. Their second, Darkenu … Rugby Road, was released in 2002, and their latest recording, Hodu Lashem, was released in 2012. Many of the arrangements on these recordings are the work of TAVIM’s original musical director, Uri Sobel, along with other members of the group. TAVIM entertains at synagogue programs, community events, life cycle celebrations, private gatherings, and more. We are grateful for the devoted support and enthusiastic encouragement of the members of Congregation Beth Sholom, and all proceeds from performances and sales benefit the synagogue. Since 2014, TAVIM has been conducted by Cantor Ronit Wolff Hanan, the synagogue’s Music Director. For more information, please contact her at
HaZamir Bergen County, the local community-wide chapter of HaZamir: The International Jewish High School Choir also meets in our facility.   HaZamir is a network of choral chapters, currently boasting over 35 chapters throughout the U.S. and Israel. HaZamir chapters meet locally but all learn a common repertoire, gathering for regional, national and international events where they polish that repertoire, and culminating in an annual gala concert at a major venue in New York City. Past concerts have been at Jazz at Lincoln Center and Avery Fisher Hall, and most recently at Carnegie Hall, where 400 singers performed to a sold-out audience. The Bergen County chapter of HaZamir meets on Sunday afternoons and is conducted by Cantor Ronit Wolff Hanan. For more information on the HaZamir program, please visit, or email for information on local auditions and rehearsals. HaZamir is a project of the Zamir Choral Foundation, Matthew Lazar, Founder and Director.


Hazak is the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism’s program for people 55 and older who are members of our affiliated congregations.Hazak Logo

The name HAZAK is an acronym. The het stands for Hokhmah (wisdom), the zayan for Ziknah (maturity) and the kuph for Kadima (looking ahead). With that in mind, Hazak is designed to address the needs of seniors in full-service congregations where programming priorities often are targeted to the younger congregants.

Hazak also brings together people with years of experience in various forms of leadership and provides an outlet for implementing that experience and corporate memory into work for the synagogue and personal growth.

The Hazak chapter at Congregation Beth Sholom is very active. The group sponsors a bi-weekly “Tuesday Schmoozeday” program, each week featuring a different topic of interest. The group also participates in regular trips to museums and other points of interest in the general community.

Hazak selects its own executive board who are responsible for the affairs of the group. For more information please contact or call the office.

 wlcj_logo-185x300Sisterhood, affiliated with the Women’s League of Conservative Judaism, provides the women of Congregation Beth Sholom an opportunity to interact, network, and socialize with one another through the various programs such as a monthly book group, an annual pre-Hannukah Fair, an annual fundraiser for Rosh Hashanah and weekly Pilates, Yoga and Chair Yoga.  Sisterhood was pleased to honor Cindy Blitz  this year at the Northern NJ Breakfast as Woman of the Year.

The Garden State Region is excited about its upcoming region-wide Rosh Chodesh Group Counter Narratives: Women Abandoned, Biblical and Modern Sagas. Facilitating the discussion will be Lisa Kogen, National Education Director of Women’s League.  

 The Rosh Chodesh Study Group is open to all Sisterhood members and friends.  We are offering 5 sessions at 5 synagogues across the region.The first session is  Tuesday evening, November 1st at the Morristown Jewish Center Beit Yisrael. You can elect to attend one or more sessions. We are requesting advance registration so that we can plan accordingly.  Click here to access the brochure to print and fill out.  Alternatively, please read the brochure and prepare a check with a piece of paper indicating your sisterhood chapter, your phone number and the session you are interested in and mail to Carla Vogel, 520 Lotus Road, Ridgewood, NJ 07450.

Men’s Club, which is part of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (NNJR-FJMC), plays a key role in the quality of Jewish life in the synagogue. The Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs serves more than 200 affiliated Clubs in the United States, Canada, Israel and Germany and Masorti communities in the United Kingdom and France.The Men’s Club at Congregation Beth Sholom supports a variety of activities – educational, service, social and athletic – designed to draw men to synagogue and expand their horizons.

Men’s Club organizes the annual Project Ezra luncheon each winter, which is a chance for synagogue members to meet and enjoy FJMC_friends_logo_outlinethe company of some of our elderly Jewish brethren from the Lower East Side of New York.

Men’s Club also organizes the annual Superbowl get together and dinner.

Each year, a Men’s Club member is recognized as the “Man of the Year” at an annual dinner sponsored by the NNJR-FJMC. Last year, Congregation Beth Sholom was pleased to recognize Norm Levin as our Man of the Year.

The Hesed committee lives up to their name providing acts of loving kindness in times of need and supporting community members during life cycle events.  Whether setting up a schedule for the community to sign up to provide a household with food the first few weeks after the birth of a child or providing food to a shiva house, the committee fills a vital role in ensuring that we are personally there for each other in times of needs.

Social Action and Tikun Olam (literally, Repairing the World) are vital parts of the Congregation Beth Sholom community. The Social Action/Tikkun Olam Committee is dedicated to spreading the word about opportunities to repair our world through commitment and love for our fellow man and woman.
Members of the synagogue regularly volunteer at the area Soup Kitchens in Hackensack and Englewood and collect food and clothing for special drives throughout the year. The committee also sponsors special activities based around Jewish holidays so that those who are less fortunate can still celebrate our joyous times – like Hanukkah, Purim, and Passover – with dignity and respect.

A newly formed group, the mission of the Tzedek Tirdof  (Social Justice Committee) is to provide the Beth Sholom community with opportunities to address contemporary social concerns from our Jewish perspective. This would entail fostering dialogue, education, outreach to the larger Jewish and/or non-Jewish community, and active engagement with local, national and global issues.

The first major project that will be undertaken by the committee, in partnership with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) will be the direct and ongoing support of a new refugee family in our community. Click here for details.

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